SengS completes test unit for international manufacturer

Custom hydrostatic and gas test unit build

The engineering team at SengS were recently approached by an international valve manufacturer to develop a custom engineering solution for their valve testing requirements.

Testing to extreme pressures

To simulate the extreme conditions that the valves would face in the working environment, the customer needed to be able to apply pressures of up to 31,000 psi to the test piece. The client opted for the supply of a turn-key and bespoke engineered solution to allow testing at their facility, rather than continually using our in-house testing services. To meet their test requirements for high pressure hydrostatic and gas testing with efficient timing, the high pressure unit was developed to have five independent outlets.

Hydratron technology

With the demands that would be placed on the system we opted to install a Hydratron gas booster and a pair of air-operated hydrostatic pumps. These units are tried and tested and boast a long service life, even under heavy use. A Hydratron AZ-2-458 pump provides high pressure to the unit and a Hydratron DHDA-118 Double Head Double Acting pump provides medium pressure and a quick build up of test pressure. By installing a Hydratron GBD-186 gas booster and controls we were able to give the capability to gas test in the wide range of 30 – 21,000 psi.

Hydratron gas boosters and pumps in a SengS custom engineered test rig

Pressure can be routed to any of the 5 outlets, and tests can be independently controlled by actuated needle valves. We additionally fitted an electrically actuated micro-metering valve. This coupled with integrated pressure monitoring transducers will enable a controlled gas vent down at the end of a test, with the option to automate. To achieve a quick fill of test items we also installed a diaphragm pump.

Internal circuitry of the valve test unit

User interface

All functions are connected to a Programmable Logic Controller, which allows remote operation of test by a connected laptop or touch screen. Large dials provide visual indication of pressures and emergency shutoffs are within easy reach of the operator.


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