Hyperbaric Pressure & Thermal Qualification Testing Case Study

SengS were contacted by an integrated solutions provider in the Oil & Gas industry to carry out hyperbaric pressure and thermal qualification testing on a piece of subsea equipment.

Project Overview

The project required the use of SengS bespoke hyperbaric test chamber to allow pressure testing to 20,000psi using Nitrogen gas as the test medium whilst simulating environmental conditions of -4°C to +210°C. A total of 126 pressure and thermal cycles were completed during the qualification program.

The maximum and minimum temperatures were set with only a 3°C allowable tolerance, this required close control of the heating and cooling process to ensure these limits were achieved. By using multiple thermocouples within the hyperbaric vessel and environmental chamber this allowed the technicians to monitor temperature changes and better predict any thermal inputs needed to the environmental chamber to ensure temperature limits were maintained.

Following the completion of the testing scope, the test results were issued to the client’s senior engineer for review and acceptance and the test pieces returned for final inspection post qualification.

The client unfortunately could not be onsite to oversee the testing, so SengS provided daily updates throughout the test program so that the client knew exactly what was happening at all stages.

SengS were commended by the client for completing the testing scope in a timely manner, to execute the project in the time needed by the client SengS adopted a constant dayshift / nightshift work pattern including weekends to allow continual testing of the product over the duration of the qualification.

This is second scope of work SengS have completed for this OEM, having completed similar hyperbaric pressure and thermal qualification testing last year.

Why Choose SengS?

SengS have unique capabilities to complete this type of testing scope, there are few facilities who are able of achieving the pressures required for this type of test whilst simultaneously simulating the environmental conditions required to allow the full thermal qualification to be completed on site.

In addition to, hyperbaric and temperature qualification testing, SengS can also offer a range of other services, including:

  • Engineering design, consultancy and project management
  • Fabrication and assembly
  • Environmental testing, including: PR2 API 6A, endurance product testing, hydrostatic, gas
  • leakage testing/14310 packer and plug testing, low temperature testing, vacuum testing, hyperbaric testing
  • Site services
  • Hydraulic design, engineering and maintenance


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