Design & Manufacture of a Mobile Test Container & HPU Case Study

SengS were approached by an OEM in the Oil & Gas industry to design and manufacture a mobile hydrostatic test container and a hydraulic power unit.

Project Overview

The client had some very specific performance requirements that SengS engineers needed to incorporate when designing the systems. The client needed to be able to hydrostatically test upto 22,500psi through a combination of up to 4 test lines which could be pressurised and vented independently. In addition, the test cabin needed to be mobile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, with workbench/surface area available for technicians to lay out test procedures and documentation.

The Technical Solution

The varying sizes of the test pieces presented challenges to the design team, fine pressure control was required for testing small components whilst a high volume pump was required for testing larger components. Therefore, when designing the HPU the engineering team needed to ensure that the pump selections would be suitable for all testing scenarios.

The decision was made to include two pumps in the HPU which could be independently selected to allow fine control when pressurising smaller components, and alternatively when testing large components the high volume pump can be selected. This provided the client with the best technical solution to ensure they could control pressurisation when needed but also ensure they were efficient should a larger volume test be required.

Following the engineering and design phase, a customised offshore container with HPU installed was delivered to the client. This was finished inside with wet wall for ease of cleaning along with all electrical points, desk space and viewing window to allow technicians to maintain a visual on the test object. A wall mounted TV and camera system was also integrated into the cabin to ensure safe remote witnessing of the test piece whilst under pressure. 

SengS technicians assisted the client with setup and commissioning at their facility and also provided training for their technicians to ensure they had a competent understanding of the function and controls of the HPU. SengS continue to support the client with any maintenance or service requirements.


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